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ARMA 3 Lakeside LIFE Server!

12.01.2018 - 16:01 Server Krinlin #IdieAlot#DerankService

Greetings! eXitus-Community!

We have exciting News for you today! We have opend the Borders to our own Island, The Lakeside Island!
The Rules wich are going to be enforced by our Police can be read over here.

Server IP:

Arma 3 LakesideValley RPG v.

How to join this Arma 3 Server will be explained in these following 3 Steps.

Step 1.

Follow these 3 Mods on the steam Workshop to Download them:
Keep in Mind this could take a while.





Step 2.

Task Force Radio!
Go to  and click the "Download Radio" Button.
After downloading the Task Force Radio open the Zip-Archive and make sure you find a "@task_force_radio" Folder.
Now Copy the "@task_force_radio" Folder into your Arma 3 Directory "..\SteamApps\common\Arma3".
If done with that go into the @task_force_radio Folder in your Arma 3 Directory and look for the "teamspeak" Folder.
In that Folder should be a File "task_force_radio_ts3_plugin" execute this File to install the TeamSpeak 3 Plugin.

Step 3.

Almost done! Last thing you have to do is opening up the Arma 3 Launcher and select the Mods from Step 1. and 2.
"@EZLakeside", "@EZLife", "@CBA_A3", "@task_force_radio".


All Updates you require for the Mods "@EZLakeside" and "@EZLife" will be downloaded automatically by Steam.
You only need those Mods if you want to play on our Server!

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Krinlin #IdieAlot#DerankService

Thursday, 15.02.2018 - 16:02 +00:00 UTC

Ich finds goil! - Ezza gemma fuil goß!